Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

For any issues you may be experiencing at the club:

Playing/on field matter:
Speak to the team captain or if not possible, speak to the coach.

Off field matter:
Speak to the President or any member of the executive committee.

Our Code of Conduct:

The image and reputation of our club is vital to our ongoing success as this reflects the Club’s standing in the community and the cricket world.
Our Code of Conduct sets the standard of conduct required of our members and officials as representatives of the Rosebud Cricket Club.
As a member of the Rosebud Cricket Club your conduct representing the club in any capacity (ie: before, during and after a match or training session and at social functions) must meet the standards set out below.
The Standards are guidelines only and a selected panel or the committee have the right to charge a member or official for conduct that they believe is outside the spirit of the Club’s guidelines, whether it is explicitly covered in the ‘Code of Conduct’ or not.
The Rosebud Cricket Club reserves the right to refuse a clearance for any member who is under club suspension or who is not financial.
  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour is unacceptable.
  • The use of verbal or physical abuse is unacceptable.
  • The use of foul language above normal conversation levels is unacceptable.
  • Members will refrain from any form of harassment including:
  • Harrassment on the grounds of disability
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Racial Harrassment
  • Racial Vilification
  • Players are required to play in the team as selected.
  • Players are expected to wear correct cricket attire including club shirt, correct footwear and a club hat/cap.
  • Any member that causes the club to be fined as a result of their behaviour shall be required to compensate the club for the amount of the fine.
  • Members are expected to take pride in our clubrooms, social rooms and respect the furniture and fittings. Prior to leaving the rooms, Members must ensure that the area that they (or their guests) have used is clean and tidy.
  • Members are responsible for the behaviour of any visitors that they introduce to the club. Guests are also required to sign the guest book.
  • Coaches and Officials of Junior teams are expected to support and promote the guidelines to junior players and supporters
  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner.
  • Members are expected to display responsible behaviour (i.e being seen as role models for junior cricketers)
  • Members are expected to make umpires, opposition players and officials feel welcome when they are guests of our club.
  • Members are expected to respect umpires, opposition players and officials.
  • Members are expected to respect our club officials and other members.
  • Members are expected to display a positive attitude and give productive opinion.
  • Members are expected to play a part in the operation of the club.
  • Members are expected to assist develop junior players and be prepared to attend junior training sessions when called upon.
  • Current members are expected to welcome new members and include new members in their activities.
  • Members are expected to fully pay their subscriptions by the due date as set by the committee.
  • Underage drinking will not be tolerated under any circumstance. It is breaking the law and puts the club in jeopardy of losing its liquor licence and/or receiving a substantial fine.
  • Excessive drinking will not be accepted. Under liquor licence laws the Club is not permitted to serve anyone deemed to be intoxicated. Such people may be asked to leave the premises.
What happens if there is a breach:
Any breach of the ‘Code of Conduct’ will be assessed by a panel consisting of Club President (Chairman) and four club members.
They will consider the facts and determine a penalty if the accused is found guilty.
Any member failing to appear before the Panel on a nominated date/time will be suspended until such time as they appear before the panel.
A charge relating to a breach of the ‘Code of Conduct’ can arise from a complaint (official or unofficial) made by any person.
That person can be a member or official of our club or an opposing club, an umpire or officials or members of the public.
The complaint is directed to our Club President who will nominate the other four panel members.
The member charged can appeal to the committee should they feel the decision of the panel is incorrect or the penalty inappropriate.